Makoku was founded when Patricia, a mum of two boys, couldn't find stylish and high quality leather shoes for her eldest son who had just started to walk. As a late walker, the quality of the shoes was a priority. 

While on her search, Patricia became concerned about the shoes she found flooding the Australian market, many of which appeared to be poorly made with low quality materials, ill-fitting and cheap. Even many of the well known and moderately expensive brands often made their insoles with vinyl. With the knowledge that little feet need to breathe, a lining and insole made from natural materials such as leather are important.

After remembering family members wearing the exact type of shoes she was looking for some years before, she was able to track down a great looking pair of supportive leather shoes that would assist her son as he took his first steps.

To her surprise, the shoes she was looking for were not yet available in Australia. Patricia decided it was the time that Australian families had access to the highest quality shoes sold throughout Europe for children and infants. 

As parents, Patricia and her husband, Mike, understand the importance of a child's first steps and each step after that. That's why they've made in their mission to bring the best European brands to Australia, many of which have never been sold here before. With the European market having so much to offer in the way of high quality, handmade, leather shoes for infants and children, Makoku strives to provide premium brands that will soon become your child's favourite.

Why Makoku?

Patricia and Mike have two gorgeous boys, Makai and Kobe Kulik who inspire them to source the best footwear possible for Aussie kids.